Speaker’s Bureau

PFLAG Bellingham/Whatcom County provides education for local organizations on a variety of topics related to understanding and celebrating the gender identities and sexual orientations represented in our communities.

Our goal is to increase understanding of the LGBTQ+ community to facilitate more inclusive medical and mental health facilities, workspaces, schools, business organizations, and more. No group is too small for continuing education.

Our Speakers Bureau includes non-judgmental, compassionate educators for online presentations or live in person training (when safe). We specialize in adapting our presentation and materials to the specific needs and goals of your group. We can provide handouts that support our presentation.

Suggested donation: $150/hour

Understanding Diversity

This is a great introduction to LGBTQ+ topics. We start with the basics by reviewing the difference between sexuality and gender, defining terms such as gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. We can include other common LGBTQ+ vocabulary, understanding pronouns, and basic guidelines on being respectful to members of the community. Approximately 1 hour.

Respecting Differences in the Workplace

Provides an overview of gender identity and sexual orientation with a definition of terms currently in use. The primary focus is on what respectful behavior looks like, including what works best and what behaviors to avoid. This session provides language, skills, and behaviors that are effective when working with people of varied gender identities and sexual orientations.

The Science of Gender

Provides an introduction to the complex biology of gender. We cover the concept of gender as a spectrum both biologically and psychologically. Gender issues will be examined at the cellular level as well as at the human level in the developmental stages of life. Approximately 2 hours.

Current State of LGBTQ Law in WA and Nationally

Provides an overview of current laws and available resources at the state and national level that affect the rights of LGBTQ+ adults and children. Topics may cover the areas of public accommodation, employment, schools, name and gender change, parenting, marriage, elder care, probate, and others.

Panel Discussion

Bringing in a panel of 3 to 6 members of the LGBTQ+ community to share their personal stories is one of the most powerful training opportunities we offer. You can hear the real-life experiences of LGBTQ+ people, their families, and allies. We include plenty of time for Q&A. Length of presentation will vary based on number of panelists requested. We can do a training presentation followed by a panel discussion or offer a separate panel discussion.

Film Showing & Panel Discussion

We can show educational films such as Gender Revolution produced by National Geographic and hosted by Katie Couric, or The Most Dangerous Year about families fighting against anti-transgender legislation produced by Seattle filmmaker Vlada Knowlton. Panel discussions following the show can provide a local perspective on these important films.

Where we’ve presented Speaker’s Bureau modules:

  • Bellingham Technical College
  • Pioneer Health Services
  • Bellingham Food Bank
  • Whatcom Superior Court Judges
  • Island Hospital (Anacortes)
  • Compass Health
  • Opportunity Council
  • Women’s Business Network
  • Whatcom Women in Business
  • Center for Spiritual Living, Bellingham
  • Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship